1)  About the SDC.

So, you might be wondering what SDC is!

It’s basically a card, but not any card! It is a special card that entitles you to amazing discounts and great offers from many of your favorite brands. Be it a dining place, fashion outlet, a

 gym, a clinic or a hotel. Cool thing is: you can use it not only once or twice, but #Every_time for as many times as you wish for a whole year!

 2) How it works.

Let’s guess, you might be thinking: How is that possible? Oh it is, with SDC it is.

We have made deals with many many brands in the kingdom. In those deals, we made sure to get you a special treatment, so if you have the SDC card, you’ll end up paying around %10 .. %20 ..or even %50 less than anyone else. Isnt that cool?!

3) What’s in it for you.

Much enough!

Well, our card brings you a bundle of benefits besides the savings. yeah! Imagine this: your favorite store has finally released the collection you’ve been waiting for all summer. But...it happened that you didn'tt pass near the store to catch the heart-warming news. Result: Youll miss the collection!

That can’t happen if you are an SDC card holder. We have an application thatll send you notifications of the best offers from your dearest brands and keep you up to date with the most recent news!
You won
t miss a thing!

 4) About the price.

It is a good investment! Only 99 SAR for students and 129 SAR for non-students. Yeah. It is worth it. Be certain, youll get your money back from the first 2nd or 3rd purchases you make. Lets do the math together: Say, you go to a restaurant where youd normally pay 300 SAR, and the card gives %15..Thats 45 SAR straight back to your wallet. Need we say more?



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