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Peri ­Peri ­Original is ­a ­world ­of ­absolute ­taste ­that ­aspires ­to­ entice­ you­ –­ every­time! They want ­to ­enthrall ­you­ with ­a ­flavor­ that ­grips ­your­ senses ­from­ the­ very­ first­ bite. ­It ­is ­all ­about­ taking ­the ­‘tingling ­effect’ ­of ­Peri ­Peri ­and ­creating­ a­ world­ of ­indulging­ taste­ that­ leaves­ the­ taste ­buds­ craving­ for ­more.­

 Upgrade the size of your meal or upgrade your order to a meal for free when you purchase at Peri Peri

Offer is applied to all locations in the whole Kingdom.
Offer may not be used when in-store promotions, clearance, loyalty card discount or to associate with any other offer, and the first three days of Eid Alfitr and Eid Aladha.



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