What is 

It is simply an app that provides continuous discounts and offers on various products and services in many fields; such as: restaurants, fashion, fitness, entertainment, clinics, spas, travel, and hotels at partnered brands. SDC App can be used for an unlimited time from the issuing date.

SDC App Features

Direct Discount on Your Receipt

In SDC App you don’t collect points, you get the discount on your purchase right away. Which means there is no need to repeat your visits, take the discount immediately

Refunds Guaranteed

 If the partnered brand rejected to give you the discount for any reason, we will compensate you the discount amount in cash within 3 business day

Know Where and How Much You Saved

Through the SDC App, you can see your transactions and the money you saved on your purchases

Brands Directory in One Place

Through the app, get to know all the information of partnered brands, their locations, discount rates, offers and their contact details

Unlimited use

You can use the app as many times as you want at the same brand and with the same offer

Exclusive offers

The app provides special offers exclusively for subscribers

Stay Connected

You will be notified through the app about new partnering brands, and exclusive offers provided to our cardholders.

Our Clients