What is SDC card?

It is simply a card that offers continuous discounts and offers on various products and services in various fields; such as, restaurants, fashion, sports, clinics or even travel and hotels at the partnered brands for one year from the date of issuing the card.

SDC Features

Annual subscription

Subscribe once and use the card for one year

We guarantee your right

If you didn’t get the discount form the partnered brand for any reason, we will refund you the discount value in cash within 3 days!

Always be updated

You will be aware of all partnered brands news simply from our app notifications, email, or our accounts on Social Media accounts

We hear and respond to you

If you have a complaint, a suggestion, or an inquiry. Just call us, email us, or contact us at our accounts on the Social Media.

Unlimited use

You can use the card more than once a day and from the same brand and the same offer!

Exclusive offers

special for the card holders and only them!


All roads lead to Rome !! Use the physical or digital card both of them will gives you the discount or offer.