What is SDC card?

It is simply a card that offers continuous discounts and offers on various products and services in various fields; such as, restaurants, fashion, sports, clinics or even travel and hotels at the partnered brands for one year from the date of issuing the card.

What will I get when I buy the SDC card?

You’ll get two things:

  • Obtaining unlimited discounts and offers at many international and local brands in various fields
  • Constantly updated about all news of the partnered brands

For how long can I use the card?

Full year, starting from the date of purchasing the card!

What to do if the card is lost?

In case you lose the physical card, do not chill! Complete your savings by using the digital card through the app.

Can I refund the subscription fees in the case of not using the card during the validity period?

 Unfortunately, paid fees cannot be refunded.

How do I get the discount?

It’s very easy! All you have to do is:

Present the SDC card to the cashier when paying the bill to get the discount or offer shown in the phone app, website, or SDC social media accounts.

Through the digital card in the phone app

Can I use the physical card without the phone app?

Absolutely! But do not forget to download the app to know where you saved, how much money you saved, and be informed of everything new about the partnered brands.

Can I use my card for anyone?

The card is valid for personal use only.

May the card be used after one year if it is not used during the year of purchase?

The validity of the Card expires one year after the date of issuing, and cannot be used in subsequent years. But you can renew your subscription for another new year.

Can I use the app to get the discount without the physical card?

Sure you can!

What if I forget my username or password?

Very normal, you just follow the instructions in the application and if you didn’t get the problem solved, contact us at:  info@sdccards.com or contact us at (0580033345) or on our pages at our Social Media and we will assist you.

What if the cashier didn’t give me the amount of the discount due?

We will compensate you the discount amount in cash!

How do I get the compensation?

All you have to do is send a claim for the discount you did not get by contacting us on:

Mobile: 0580033345

E-mail: Info@sdccards.com

What are the terms and conditions of the compensation?

  • Keep a copy of the invoice
  • Find out the name of the cashier of the brand
  • Using the card or app but the brand refused giving you the discount.

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